New York Mesothelioma Settlements


Our mesothelioma law firm has recovered $5 billion in verdicts and settlements on behalf of thousands of clients throughout the United States.

A recent success story involved a $3 million verdict for a New York pipefitter’s family. For more than a decade, Gerald Suttner, was exposed to asbestos used in valves manufactured by the defendant, Crane Co. This asbestos exposure lead to a pleural mesothelioma diagnosis, of which he died twelve months later at age 77. After his death, Simmons Hanly Conroy attorneys Myles Epperson and Perry Browder, along with co-counsel, represented Suttner’s wife and daughter.

“The defendant’s use of asbestos and failure to warn workers and consumers of its dangers is inexcusable,” said Browder. “On behalf of Mr. Suttner’s family, we are proud to have won and held Crane responsible for its decision to use this lethal material in its products.”

Just like Suttner, all victims of asbestos-related diseases and their families have a right to be heard in the civil justice system, and our attorneys are passionate about enforcing each of our client’s rights while giving them the respect and attention they deserve.

Most mesothelioma settlements begin as lawsuits. History shows an overwhelming majority of cases end in a settlement before reaching the courtroom.

Some cases go to trial, where a judge or jury can make a verdict that awards significant compensatory and punitive damages. However, trials may take a long time to conclude.

Settlement and verdict amounts may depend on:

  • A claimant’s diagnosis and medical history
  • The number of companies sued
  • Where the claim is filed
  • Proof of negligence
  • Lost wages, medical bills and other expenses

Compensation is linked heavily to the strength of the case, which brings into play the plaintiff’s specific diagnosis, health condition, and the degree of perceived liability on the part of one or more defendants.

According to a recent Mealey’s Litigation Report, the average mesothelioma trial award is estimated at $2.4 million. The average mesothelioma settlement is between $1 million and $1.4 million and typically paid by multiple defendants. However, no cases are alike.

Every case is unique. An experienced mesothelioma attorney can build your case, negotiate settlements on your behalf and help you understand the statute of limitations for the state where you file a claim.



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